American made Range Hat in Woodland Camo proudly built in the USA featuring the flag

The Made In USA Range Hat | The Perfect Cap

Everything You Need to Know About Range Hats

We are home to the ORIGINAL range hats, forever made in the USA! 

About ten years ago, we came out with a new hat style. It was a departure from the dad hat, which is a floppy-style, unstructured, lower-profile hat. It was also a departure from the trucker-style hats, which have a higher crown and hard front two panels.

We called it the range hat. You'll see a lot of them out there now with other brands, and we are glad we could inspire you! But at the end of the day, we are the one and true original.

So what is a range hat? Well, it's a hat you wear to the range for some training time, shooting your firearm of choice. Whether you're law enforcement, military, SWAT, or just a civilian upholding your duty and Second Amendment rights, we built the hat from the ground up for you.

Features of the Range Hat

1. Lightweight: We made a hat with lighter fabrics than the truckers. A good cap is part of your kit, your gear. Many of those mentioned above wear our range hats on duty. Lightweight and comfor are a MUST.

2. No Structure: Not only do you want a hat that can pull down to your head, you also need to remove the hat from time to time and stow it away. We make the hats so you can stick it in your back pocket if needed. Or, if it blows off chasing a bad guy on duty, there really isn't much that's going to hurt it. They are made to endure wear and tear.

3. No Button: When you're shooting at the range, ear protection hits that annoying little button that sits atop the hat. We got rid of it. Simple as that.

4. Velcro Enclosure: Plastic enclosures fail; buckle enclosures fail. You know what doesn't fail? Velcro hook and loop. There is a reason your kit is smothered with patches of velcro everywhere.  

5. High-End Sweatband: We use a four-row stitch-style sweatband. It feels great on your forehead and provides a great fit. Some sweatbands are thick and bulky and it affects the fit of the hat. We keep it lower profile and minimal. This is where a lot of companies skimp out to save money on the hat. Not here. Where the hat touches your head, that's the most important part!

6. Breathable Knit Mesh: While our full-fabric ripstop hats are breathable, the mesh-back versions are even better! We use a knit mesh instead of the hot cheap plastic. It stretches to your head, stays cool, and will last a long time.

At the end of the day, we built a hat that isn't going to fail you, and we make them here in the USA, from start to finish.

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