Collection: Range Day Hats | Made in the USA

What is a Range Hat?

A range hat is specifically designed to function when training at the range.  It's a light weight low profile hat with no front structure.  It's designed to pull down to your head, has no button on top, so you can wear ear protection or headphones over the hat.

When you need to take the hat off, the lack of structure in the front panels allows you to ball the hat up and shove it in your back pocket, if need be.  

We use a velcro strap on the back because, well, velcro doesn't break.  It's locked in place with a special stitch.  There is a reason a lot of kit utilizes velcro, that's the same reason we use it on the hat.

The range hat can come with a velcro patch, to accommodate other hook backed patches, embroidered American flag, or many of our custom made patches.

Proudly made in the USA